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Washi tape obsession – and storage solution!


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a deco tape junkie. I blame this on Kelly! She was a tape pusher er junkie ahem connoisseur before it was cool, before you couldn’t go to Michael’s without being tempted by all manner of gorgeous decorative tapes. And she did an awesome class at Ink About It all about tape back in December 2009 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Storage has always been an issue for me. I am constantly in pursuit of craft storage perfection. And tape is especially tricky; due to its size it tends to take up an exceptional amount of space, much like rolls of ribbon. Unlike ribbon, you can’t really re-roll it onto something smaller all that easily. A lot of people stack them onto dowel doohickeys, and that looks good but I know for me I am way too impatient to take off all the tapes, take out what I want, put the rest back then finally use my tape. I wanna just grab and go!

storage solution for washi deco tape

Washi tape storage rack, currently holding about 50 rolls of tape in a 9″x9″x9″ space, with room for about ten more rolls of deco tape.

After months of scouring Amazon for crafty storage solutions, I spotted it: a nail polish rack! I saw it and gasped aloud. “This could be it!” I thought “Nail polish bottle are about the same size as the average width of Washi tape, right?” So I snapped it up, and it’s just fabulous. It shows off the collection at a glance, but unlike dowels I can just snatch up a couple choice rolls of tape and tear, cut, and stick… then just pop them back into the rack. Easy peasy. I love it.

I’m pleased as punch with how well this works and – full disclosure here – I am linking to it on Amazon via my affiliate account. Doesn’t change the cost to you but I get a little commission from Amazon for pointing you over there. Seriously, go buy it! Your tape will thank you.

Oh, and on the subjects of deco tape and tooting own horn, I recently wrote a new article on Using Deco Tape in Art Journals. I had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas for that and experimenting with different ways to use deco tape. Have fun, gang – and tape on!


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  2. That is such a cute way to store deco tape. I think I’m gonna invest in one too. I just recently came back from Japan and bought a whole bunch of rolls of deco tape from the dollar store.

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